Silver Dog Tie Out Cable – 50 FT

Silver Dog Tie Out Cable – 50 FT


Heavy duty Dog Tie Out Cable : A great outdoor leash for pets, 50FT long dog leash, diameter 6.5mm, can withstand up to 250 pounds, suitable for small, medium and large dogs. Giving more space to move around freely while keeping the dog safe, perfect for free chasing and playing in the yard, outdoor training, camping,etc.Free your hands and let pets move freely~

Safety Spring Pole : The dog tie out cable with a spring pole is made of stainless steel, not easy to rust, durable and strong.And it can help cushion and absorb shock when dog running, which is used to prevent pets from being injured due to excessive impact running.

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Stainless Steel Clasp : Both ends of the tie out cable with rust-proof stainless steel heavy-duty spring buckles. Compared with ordinary spring buckles, our spring clasp with screw locks are safer, provides a more secure connection, avoiding the clasp will fall off under the strong pull of the pet and cause the pet to be lost later.And one end is a 360-degree rotatable spring clasp, which can prevent the cable getting all tangled up.

Sturdy Cable Rope : The length of our cable is 50FT, while extend the leash, the diameter of the cable is thickened to 6.5mm, which is more durable. The inner layer of the cable rope is stainless steel . In order to make the cable rope looks more conspicuous, we wrapped a layer of silver aluminum foil on the outer layer of the steel rope.Finally, we use transparent PVC as the outermost wrapping material to protect your hands and dog’s teeth, make it safer to use.

Easy to Use: You can tie the end of the tie out cable rope with a spring pole to a place where it can be fixed, such as a wooden pile or stake, and buckle a 360-degree rotatable spring clasp on the pet’s harness or collar. The length of 50FT is enough for your pet to play happily outdoors, train pet recall games, etc., to avoid pet loss within your sight.


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