Interactive Cat Toy

Interactive Cat Toy


  The 13 pcs cat toys are made of Eco-friendly and non-irritating fabric,Christmas cat toy set contains a variety of styles of cat toys, providing a variety of ways to play, satisfying the cat’s lively nature, allowing your cat to enjoy a wonderful Christmas holiday and be happy every day.

  Christmas Cat toys Set : This cat Christmas set includes 13 different cat toys. colorful cat ball*1, Christmas cat ball*1, sparkle cat balls*2, cat bell balls*2, paper cat balls*2, mouse cat toys*2, snowflake plush toy*1, spring cat toys*1, badminton toy ball *1.

   Interesting interactive games: Colorful cat toys can enrich the cat’s daily life. The toy set contains cat bell balls and ordinary cat balls to meet the cat’s different preferences and enjoy the joy of chasing games. In addition, the plush toys in the shape of mice and snowflakes are suitable for cats to chew, soft and do not harm the teeth.

   The 13 pcs cat toys are made of Eco-friendly and non-irritating fabric, using safely and durable, and will not harm the cat¡¯s teeth and skin. You can rest assured to let the cat play.

   This will be an excellent Christmas gift for your cat. You can use cat toys to tease your cat. It will not only help exercise your cat’s body, help enhance your health and vitality, but also enhance the relationship between you and your cat. The cute Christmas toy design adds to the Christmas atmosphere. Christmas is here, you can give this gift to your furry friends and let them spend a happy Christmas with you.


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