DMISOCHR Large Cat Harness and Leash Set

DMISOCHR Large Cat Harness and Leash Set


Cat Harness and Leash Set: outdoor pet equipment specially designed for cats walking outdoor. Each cat harness is equipped with a 5 FT leash, so you can go out for a walk with your cat without worrying about losing. The Size Info. you can refer : SMALL SIZE neck girth:7″-11″, chest girth:10.5″-16″ ; MEDIUM SIZE neck girth:11″-14.3″, chest girth:16″-20″.Please measure the size of your pet before buying and choose the correct size for purchase.

No Escape Cat Harness: This cat harness with a buckle on the neck and chest (the buckle is easy to operate, can be quickly closed and held firmly, while preventing pets from escaping.) In addition, this cat harness adds 360 degree reflective design , which can work perfectly in a dim environment, making the cat safer when walking at night.

Large cat harnesses are designed for the large breed of cats, such as Maine Coons and Savannahs. The harnesses are made of high quality mesh fabric material that is soft and comfortable for your pet. The construction of the harness makes it durable and long lasting. The Large cat harnesses fits most cats comfortably. The design of the extra large cat harness allows it to be used as an outdoor walking tool or as a training tool for indoor use.

The Large cat harnesses features adjustable chest straps that allow you to customize the fit of the vest to your cat’s body shape. This design makes the fit of this cat harness great, prevents your cat from slipping when playing, and also Not so tight that it rubs against the cat’s skin and makes your pet uncomfortable

The wide-range adjustable design represents our inventiveness at the same time. With a 360-degree adjustable nylon strap that can accomplish the maximum adjustment and the minimum adjustment within a defined range, we have enhanced the restricted adjustment of the standard so cat harness cats will wear it more easily.

Safe Outdoor Walking: When you wish to take your cat for a stroll, fasten the leash to the metal D-ring on the harness to prevent the cat from prancing about uncontrollably. Each extra large cat harness has a swivel hook that can be rotated 360 degrees, enabling your kitty to enjoyably and freely explore the outdoors. You may use it for activities like picnics, hiking, vacation, training, and other outings with your animal companion.

You may refer to the following size information: SMALL SIZE neck girth: 7″-11″, chest girth: 10.5″-16″; MEDIUM SIZE neck girth: 11″-14.3″, chest girth: 16″-20″.Before making a purchase, please measure your pup to determine the appropriate size.

The extra large cat harness stops pets from fleeing by having buckles on the neck and chest that are simple to use, fast to shut, and held securely. This cat harness also has a 360-degree reflective design that works well in low light and makes the cat safer while out and about at night.


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