Cat Teaser Wand

Cat Teaser Wand


Surprisingly great value cat toys set, you will get 5 different colors of leopard feather cat wand toys (black, pink, blue, brown, yellow). The length of the funny cat feather teaser wand is 14.4″ and the length of the laopard rope is 33.4″. Meet the play needs of small, medium and large cats.

Cute cat feather teaser wand : The funny cat feather teaser wand is made of soft short fleece, which is non-toxic and harmless, will not harm the cat’s teeth, and can also help clean the teeth. And it is leopard prints, fashion classics will not be out of date. In addition, there is a bell and feather on each rope, which can stimulate the cat’s interest in hunting.

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This Cat Teaser Wand is a great training tool for cats of all ages. It’s built with high-quality materials to help you train your cat in an effective way while making sure they are comfortable and safe.

The length of this furry cat teaser wand is 14.4″ and the length of the leopard rope is 33.4″. Each rope also has a bell and a feather to pique the cat’s hunting instincts.

Flip, jump, raid and pursuit are all possible with the aid of this furry cat teaser wand. Playing with your cat may enhance your bond with it and keep it from being bored. And This wand will help you to keep your cat active, healthy, if you want to exercise your cat’s mind, this cat teaser wand chewy is the best choice for interactive games

How to use Cat Teaser Wand

You can use the leopard print cat teaser wand when playing with your cat by moving it slowly in front of them and then moving away when they try to catch it. Your cat will have fun chasing after the leopard print cat teaser wand and this will help them get exercise while they are playing with you!


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